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"Annie Mok is a dream warrior comix-babe."Maré Odomo

I released the best of my solo comics on PDF format on Gumroad. Individual comics (16-32 pages) sell for $1-2, and collections (60-158 pages) sell for $3-9.

I made PDF collections (packaged into single PDFs, not ZIPs) because Gumroad isn’t set up for selling more than one item at a time due to its one-stop checkout. Also, it was fun. A neat look back at five (!) years of work. (Work from 2004-2007 is not included and is considered “juvenilia” by critics.)

  • Hey, Chicago ($5) collects AM Draws James Joyce; the gag strip collection Decorum + “How Do You Fill the Void?” 2013; and Stitching Together: Special Edition, A.K.A. “the Kermit one,” with the little bio of Jim Henson. Edie Fake said of Decorum: “Punchy shorts keep you laughing until you’re crying, and then you realize you were actually crying all along.”
  • New Work, 2013 ($3) collects my newest, richest comic Screentests, which includes the stories “Pictures of Candy Darling” and “Body Language” (detail at the top, with the Kiki image); and the funny fever dream Blue Blue Blues starring “Sonic.” It pads out with short strips from Comics Workbook and elsewhere, including “To all the Johnny Ryans.” 
  • Annie Mok: Collected, 2008-2013 ($9) collects all of the above, plus the early rarities Chris Ware: Paper Musician, which Top Shelf’s Brett Warnock called “A classic of the genre;” and the stories in B-Sides: Uncollected Anthology Comics, 2008. 158 pages.

And you can browse all of the comics on my Gumroad page.

All of the books that were Riso-printed include scans from the Riso pages from dreamboat printer Issue Press. Photos by my sometime collaborator Maggie Eighteen suggest tactility in these onscreen versions. I usually dislike reading comics on screens, so I worked to make the presentation of these special. These are PDFs for people who love physical books.

All the prices are sliding scale — they’re cheap because they’re set to the minimum. If you can pay more, I’m very happy about it; if you can only afford the minimum, I’m also very, very happy about it. If you can’t afford what you want out of this based on these prices, email me at heyanniemok (at) gmail, and we can work something out. 

I believe in these comics. Especially the dumb ones. It’s all memoir, even the fiction. And it’s all fiction, even the memoirs.

Could use the money, too. Reblogs/sharing/word of mouth would also be appreciated on this.

Thanks for reading.

Yours* in girlfaggotry,


Annie “(parentheses)” Mok

*j/k I don’t belong to you I belong to me

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